I was born in Ii in Finland in 1970, but most of my childhood and youth I spent in
Keminimaa (Finland). I moved to Norway to Skibotn in Troms in 1995. I moved a bit around

in Norway, and in 2006 I moved to Åsane in Bergen, where I now live with my family.


 All my life I have been drawing and painting, but I got “released” my really me, due two

 years of education at “The Art” on Voss in 2001 - 2003. Due this education I got my craft certificate

 for woodcarving.


I have worked with woodcarving as a “hobby” for several years, and in January-March 2008

 I established with my own workshop / studio at Haukås in Åsane, Bergen.


I do all kind of woodcarving, but I like specially to work with small or big sculptures, figures

 and relief. In addition to, I have worked with painting motives on cabin-doors.


January 2008 I have had the pleasure to have my statue “Ann-June” ( the sitting lady,

 who can be seen at the page sculptures ) placed at the States exhibition for

 scholarship in the gallery at the city hall of Oslo, Oslo Rådhus.



Copyright Tuija.